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Chicago’s racial economy

This chapter is from the Race & Place: Young Adults and the Future of Chicago report. The chapter provides an analysis of racial capitalism in the city of Chicago and how these structures shape the lives of young adults growing up in the city.

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Political Inequalities and Reimagining Democracy

This chapter is from the Race & Place: Young Adults and the Future of Chicago Report. The chapter discusses how young adults interact with local politicians, engage in political behavior, and reimagine democracy in a city that continues reinforce a politics of inequality.

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Race & Place Young adults and the future of chicago

Margaret Brower, with Cathy Cohen and David Knight developed and led a large-scale qualitative project in Chicago interviewing young adults across the city’s segregated neighborhoods. Together, they produced this public report detailing how the city through it’s many different types of infrastructures shapes the lives of young adults.

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Election imperatives: 10 RECOMMENDATIONS to increase college student voting and improve political learning and engagement in democracy

Drawing from research conducted with the Institute for Democracy and Higher Education (IDHE) on college student voting and the campus climates of highly politically engaged institutions, this report offers ten recommendations to increase student voting and to improve campus conditions for political learning, discourse, and agency during the election season and beyond.


Why elections matter and what campuses can do now

This is an IDHE report written with Nancy Thomas, the director of the institute. The report draws from research on college students and aims to examine higher education’s responsibility and opportunities to use elections as a teachable moment for meaningful political learning and engagement.


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